With your job and your girl
That you stole right from the CEO
With your stock, and your friends, and your weekend nights of dosh and blow
I want all, I want in, I want gold, I want gin
I want this, I want that
But it’s all just crap
When has this soothed all your woes before? 

Peer frustrations
Aren’t enough to teach the fool
We fixate on
Dollar bills, degrees and school
To make us hot shots
To give us all our hearts will need
Marketwatch Quotes
They will only hurt you
They will only let you down

We are called to be more than a footnote in some greedy dream
Lose your soul and your life to some crass maligning industry

You want all, you want in, you want gold, you want gin, 
You want this, you want that, so the whip gets cracked
Yet you’d lose your soul to gain the world

With My By Myself

SWhen I wake up with my stomach curled
Anxious dreaming of a doe eyed girl
You twisted what was false and true
But I still loved you

Leave me, baby don’t grieve me, with all of these grapevine curses I hearOh where can I steer to be away from you? 
Believe me, you're only seething, from all of the holes inside of your heart
Oh where can I start, to quell the hate in you? 

Oh, sittin’ on the shelf
With my by myself

Who needs depression with a friend like you? 
I try to run away but you’re there too 
And all the while I say my prayers
Do I forgive you?  

Leave me baby don't tease me with all of these holes inside of my head
Oh I wish I was dead, when times I think of you
It's easy, pack up and leave me, to all of the peace I've managed to find
Even if you're blind, with ire, to see this so

Shallow Words

Don’t scoff, I can hear it from a mile off
Open trespass in the places we call sacred
Oh, the chains have come undone
Now the firing range is open and the critics have their fun

One man speaks for many, in a dead pan
Even though he’s self elected
Yet the public takes it in
Like they’re hearing mission statements on my view of faith and sin

A call to all! 
You know you’re hearing shallow words fall out their mouths
A call to all! 
To know the difference between
Truth and a good show

Now you’re blaming God for all the tenure
Hearing catcalls from the preacher to the faithful
Whom they look to for a sign
Oh the problem isn’t holy, yeah the problem is mankind

Kind and nice
A suit won’t make you any better than you’d like
A call to all! 
To know you’re hearing shallow words fall out your mouths

I Know

Hear the sound of pure frustration
Hear the sound of caterwaul
This is not natural, this is not natural
What’s the point of a thousand people
You don’t care to understand? 
What’s the point of a grip on friendship
With someone you just condescend? 

I know, I know, I know
I know

Funny how you choose to respect me
At self affirming times, 
But when you see no fall out
I become the simpleton
And if I had no filter
Between my heart and mouth
These words would be my warcry
My strong fibonacci’s shout

Oh Lord, help me now
With lips just like Moses, on words I can’t get around
Holy Spirit, bless this mouth
Fumbled on syllables straight from the dunces house
Caught tongue, when the moments’ crowned
I’ve made a fool of myself yet again somehow
Can you hear me now? 
Can you hear me now?

Billy Banker

Billy Banker, he’s a wanker, 
And a young blood, yet he’s given a key
Makes them money, but it’s funny
Because before this he sold those ads on TV

The greatest records will never get heard; 
Lost on shelves in a mothers basement somewhere
Thanks to Billy there’s still plenty
Of shelves and basements, for generations to share

It’s not about the swing and cut of your jib
It’s all about what they can sell to the kids! 
You can fake it, til' you make it they’ll say
Who’s to know? 

There’s of a heap of, eager blue bloods
Primed and ready, to sell their honor away
Nothing new there, but the catch is
It’s been packaged, in an indie rock frame

Here’s the problem, did he rob them? 
A&R men, they wanna’ go for the win; 
"What’s the point in, losing funding
On a great band, if they can’t sell a thing?"

Something New

You got tired of the drinking
So you looked for something new
White powder in a dirty room
You say you keep your nose clean
But everybody here, none of them are laughing
What are we to do, what are we? 

You and I have come undone

You grow tired of the drinking
There’s so much else to choose
We’ve never seen a conquest lose; 
Those are rumors for the theater
I’ve been cryin’ cause I’m laughing
We all look like film clichés
In some directors lame mistake
But who are we? 

You and I have come undone

Love me, hold me, know me, don’t leave me
Love me, hold me, just hold me

You and I have come undone

You can’t be fireproof