"'Billy Banker' is a loud cry against sucking out artistic vision and extracting pure profit, and its frenetic instrumental banking gives that cry nice heft."

- Will Rivitz, Pop Matters (August 2016)

"In Picture Atlantic's new single, 'Lord Have Mercy,' the San Francisco band turns negative experiences into an upbeat, Arctic Monkeys-esque rocker."

- Jesse Schiewe, SF Weekly (June 2016)

“[They] use unique vocals, exuberant sound, and an insatiable amount of creative inspiration in their music. The band’s last release, Digital Tension is true ear candy, pulling at the ears of music lovers even from the most diverse musical backgrounds.”

- Briana Boyd, Unsigned & Unleashed (April 2013)

"Their 2012 effort, Digital Tension, served as a manifesto against an increasingly sedentary music industry, while pushing the act to a new level musically and philosophically." 

- Christopher Millard, Examiner.com (March 2013)

“I thoroughly enjoy each song, without exception, from Digital Tension … In short, a twisted mix between Chris Martin’s pure voice and Robert Plant’s soul”

- Vincent, Nanobot Rock Reviews (October 2012)

“[Digital Tension is] an exquisite mix of thrilling boppy synth highs and dark, heavy bass lows, this almost too appropriately Kickstarter-funded album captures the joys of an age of instant contact and gratification”

- Kat Engh, The Owl Mag (July 2012)