Let's Make A Record: Help Us Create Album 3

Hello Wolfies,

Today we are launching Let's Make A Record, the crowdfunding project for our new album and we couldn't be more excited!

This isn't just another album for us - this will be the crucial first step in helping Picture Atlantic break out of the Bay Area music scene and move up to the next stage in our career. We want to reach larger audiences and reach the point where we truly are full-time musicians. But we can't do it without you! 

We are using a new service called Music Putty (think Kickstarter meets Pandora) for our project. They are a new Bay Area company who care about music and want to make it easier for listeners and musicians to connect with each other. 

You can read all about where the album is at this stage, our plans for the next several months and how your help will make all the difference at our project page. Here's the rundown:

  • Our goal is to raise $10,000
  • There are some songs to finish, but there are 18 in consideration
  • We'll begin recording in December with Aaron Hellam
  • Album 3 will be released with nearly a dozen new tracks in Spring 2015

Here's where you come in: by contributing to the project, sharing the project, or even just talking about it to your friends, you are making this album happen.

We are constantly amazed by how deeply you care for Picture Atlantic and we want to make you proud with this new album and where it takes us. Because this isn't just our band, it's your band, too. 

We've added a lot of fun incentives this time around, like tickets with backstage passes, invitations to an exclusive album listening party, private house shows, online events and more.

We want your feedback on this, so if you have any cool ideas for backer rewards, just send us a message on our social media pages or email Ryan (ryan@pictureatlantic.com) to be a part of the process.

Thank you for being a part of Picture Atlantic. Without you, none of where we've been or where we'll go would be possible.

- Ryan, Nik and Daniel