A Real Proper Update

Hello Everyone,

I’m going to try and use this blog for what a blog is for: blogging. I tend to get wrapped up in the horrible habit of only posting up fliers, or show updates, but I think its time I actually do some personal writing about what is going on inside the band. I’ll start with first things first.

I just have to say a huge thank you again, to everyone who signed up for the Zine, and for those of you still signing up. The First issue was shipped out about four days ago, and from what I can gather, they all reached their intended destinations. I’ve gotten super positive feedback on the Zine so far, and I’m hoping to only make it better. The contributors to the Zine did an amazing job, and if anything I’m going to try and add even more content to issue two. No scheduled release for that just yet. I’ve never done something like this, so it was a bit exciting to play Editor and figure out the layout and content. Lots of fun. Can’t take all the credit though. I had some help with direction by our old friend Andy Tran, who gave me some tips on where to start with Zine creation. There is some bad news though on that front, and that is that we may need to start charging, or at least taking donations via paypal for the Zine. It costs a lot of money to print them up (Thankfully I inherited a stamp collection - no seriously - that turned out to not be aged enough to be worth much, so the postage from that collection helped ship the Zines out) and PA is doing the printing out of pocket (because we love you all!). Don’t worry, it won’t be anything exorbitant. Something like 80 cents or $1 an issue, with free shipping of course. Even if we don’t start charging, which I am leaning away from, we’ll at least have a Paypal button where people can help us curb our costs. Don’t fret though, we’ll do our best to bring you something fun and free.

Working on the new album has been tough, I’m not gonna lie, solely for the reason that we have way too many songs now. That is a good thing. It is also the recipe for an insane studio situation. Sifting through the songs isn’t always as easy as saying “Cut this one, keep that one, cut this one..”. Sometimes we take a bit of time to develop a song and see where it goes. Thus far though, we’ve cut down the 30 or so songs to 15 that we are feeling are A+, or at the very least, B Side material if they don’t pan out. On top of that though we’ve worked on some even newer songs that have upped that number a bit. If we can get a working version of a couple new songs together, we’ll try to showcase them at some upcoming shows.

Otherwise we should be seeing a lot of you soon. Trying our hardest to come down to Socal again, and to figure out some weekend tours in the midst of working on the album.

Be well everyone!