A Sad Time

This past year has been an insanely busy and amazing time for Picture Atlantic. We released an EP, we have another on the way, we toured with some amazing bands, and we’ve had the chance to write some great tunes. Its also been a year of many changes for us, and a growth process which has helped us to mature in many ways.

As of this date, we are sad to announce that Patrick and Rico will no longer be a part of Picture Atlantic. Patrick is currently studying environmental studies at UC Santa Cruz and has left to pursue his noble quest to save the earth, and Rico is moving on to pursue personal paths for himself. Patrick and Rico have been a huge part of this band for many years now. Patrick, Ryan and I started the band in 2006, and Rico has been drumming with us since the recording process of Kleos two years ago.  Both Patrick and Rico have meant a lot to us, and have been a huge part of the band.  It’s a sad time, but ultimately what is best for everyone.

Picture Atlantic is still driving ahead, and we don’t plans to stop anytime soon. As we speak, we are working on a brand new album which we are currently in the pre-production phases of. Our good friend Ash Maynor of Ghost and The City, and our producer, and former band member Aaron Hellam will be stepping up to play guitar for the band. As well, we have the amazing James Leste, formerly of Audrye Sessions, filling in on drums for the time being. Having two of our original members depart will be strange for the time being, but I want to thank everyone who continues to support us, and anyone who has supported us from the beginning. We only wish to strive to continue to bring you all music we love and are passionate about.

We will miss Rico and Patrick dearly, as I’m sure you all will too. Their last show with Picture Atlantic will be our CD Release show on December 16th at Bottom of The Hill. We want to wish Patrick and Rico the best of luck in their future plans, and we know that all our hearts will be with them. Below, are parting letters from both Patrick and Rico, which we all wanted to share with you.

To whom it may concern,

I am very proud to have been a part of the majority of Picture
Atlantic’s existence. I played on three of the four albums
the band has put out and out of those albums came not only great songs
but some of my favorite songs of all time. This last album that we
made together, to be released in December,
is the best work we have done so far and truly a testament to the
skill Picture Atlantic possesses. To leave the band at such a time
seems confusing but for my life it is the right time. I will not go
into detail about my reasons for leaving the band because they are
mostly personal in nature but it would suffice to say that it is just
my time to move on.
So what happens now? Picture Atlantic will continue on but without me.
This does not mean that I am quitting music. My passion for music is
just as strong as ever and I am certain that it will never fade.
Thank you, to all the fans that shared my love for our music. Thanks
to my family and friends that have always supported me in all my
endeavors. Thanks to the guys in PA that have both suffered and
thrived along side me in our pursuits.

I’ll see you all at the EP release show on Dec. 16th in San Francisco.
This will be my last show with the band.

Rico Rodriguez

To Friends and Fans,

After much consideration I have decided that it’s time for me to take my leave from Picture Atlantic. I’ve developed interests and pursuits that no longer allow me the amounts of time needed to truly focus on the band. The rest of the band was quite understanding and supportive of my decision and for that I am grateful.  It’s been quite the adventure and I have learned so very much about writing music, performing, and touring. I have also made some great friends and learned a lot about myself along the way. Music will always be a huge aspect of my life and I will surely continue to noodle on the guitar and write tunes. I’ll be playing a last show on December 16th at Bottom of the Hill for the release of the new EP. It’ll be a great show and I’m looking forward to having a righteous ending to my time in the band. Hope to see you all there!