Album Update

Well, I figure it’s time to start talking about this. We’ve begun this past month to work on the final stages of our new album. Our goal is to record another full length album, with around 10-11 songs on it. At the moment we have a tentative list of 13 tracks, whittled down from 50 possible tracks. As you can see, it took us a while.

Names and track-lists will be up soon once details are finalized. Most of our studio names for songs are utterly ridiculous, and will only move to propagate the idea that we are insane nerds, so we’re going to wait until something a little more solid shows up. What I can drop for now though, is that at the moment we are almost %65 sure we are going to call the album “Digital Tension”.

In the mean time though, we are playing some new songs live, so keep your eyes peeled for shows where we mention new songs being played.