Back in Black

Hello Everyone,

We are back and alive from our Moheak radio performance! Thank you to everyone who listened in, and to those of you who took screen captures of the night. We had a good time, and Reg B was an amazing host. Another added bonus was that Robin, the drummer of Bush, dropped by to say hello and have Reg play a new track off their upcoming album. It was a blast.

Ryan, Vincent and I also had an amazing road trip together, as the three of us took Ryan’s car down, and drove through the night both ways. We saw a lot of angry drivers, and failed our goal of scoring some Trucker/Caffeine pills to stay awake for the long drive. We settled for McDonalds sweet tea instead.

July is our down month, and we are working on what will be our new album. We have a handful of songs to their most possible completed stages for the moment, and we’ll also be heading into the studio to do pre-production with the amazing Aaron Hellam.

Really good things, and goodies on the way! We just got some sweet new merch which I think you will all find quite fun.

Much love to you all, and thank you all for your loving support these past months!

-N, R, & B

P.S. And another little fun fact, is that a picture taken recently by Skeleton Key Photography of myself and Ryan was the featured photo on Pretty exciting for us!