Beautiful pictures, and a very, very touching sentiment regarding our band. You guys are the best fans ever. Thank you for making our days/nights/dreams - Nik


Late upload, but I fell in love again watching Picture Atlantic, French Cassettes and Rin Tin Tiger at the Great American Music Hall on August 31st. The vibes were so great, and the venue was absolutely gorgeous. Everyone performed so well, and I almost cried honestly, haha. I was dancing all night long, and I felt so great after, but I’m still getting hit by post-concert nostalgia.

Anyways, I really want to say something about the band PIcture Atlantic. I found out about them right before my ex and I broke up. I listened to them to help me cope with the heartache. Out of all the band I went through, they were one of the ones that helped me the most. Whether it be, “Air,” “Muses,” “That’s Just Me,” or any of their songs, they really helped me feel more.. real. I’d recite their lyrics late at night, I’d listen to them just to feel again when I felt so numb. My love for Picture Atlantic is immense. And I’d thank them every day if I could, for helping me get through what felt like the darkest of times.

Go listen to all three bands though, if you have the time. They’re wonderful, they all really are.

  • Picture Atlantic
  • Rin Tin Tiger
  • French Cassettes