BFD 2013 - It Turns Out Girls Love Cut off Jean Shorts


Last night we played BFD 2013.

I had a really goofy post about video games lined up for this Mondays blog post, but I decided to post-pone that for next week.

Our time at BFD was amazing. These dudes are great band members, and amazing people who are really passionate about music in their own unique ways. I feel I couldn’t get any luckier when it comes to band-mates, and I personally feel like God has really blessed me to be able to play music with such talented guys.

Big ups and hugs to our friends in Finish Ticket. These guys have really blessed us a lot, and in more ways than I think they realized, they helped make these last two days of shows with us really fun and fulfilling. I only hope more bands have their heart, sincerity, and humbleness when it comes to playing in a band. God bless you guys, every one. I look forward to many more shows with you guys, and your amazing music!

I’m also gonna thank our main brehs Rin Tin Tiger. Sean and Kevin Sullivan have been struggling in the mean streets of SJ with us since day  one. Literally. Sean has always cheered us on from the sidelines, and Kev has always inspired us, and melted Ryan and I’s heart with his lyrics and songs. Mr. Andrew lights up the room for us and keeps it real. Gotta love it. They taught us the meaning of what it is to truly Murk, and they will remain our dear friends until we pass on. We love you guys immensely.

To every new band we met today, a huge hi-five and kudos. All of the bands did a great job and did their own thing, which in the end is really a blessing in disguise. Everyone stayed true to their North Star, and it warms my heart.

I’m also going to say a huge thank you to Paul Thomas for doing sound on the local band stage this year. He gave a full day and evening, free of charge, to mix the live sound, and even donated some of his gear to the stage to make sure everyone sounded great.

A massive thank you to Sal Ordonez for doing merch for us all day and basically being the coolest guy to hang out with ever.

Thank you to our brother Jared Milos of Dogcatcher for helping out with gear, being a good friend, and doing a kick ass documentary on the local stage this year (soon to be out I’m sure).

Thank you to our very closest friend, partner in crime, brother, and tour warrior Mikey Montoya for being there with us since the very beginning of our touring history. When haters  get us down, Mikey pumps us up. When our heads gets too big, Mikey cuts us back down to reality. When the going gets tuff, Mikey gets loco. When cee-lo needs to be played, Mikey brings the dice. He is our number one mijo!

And also a huge thank you to our manager Zen Zenith. He is our amazing friend, peer, elder, compass, and overall morale support. Zen has devoted so much time to us this past seven months, and I only see good, positive, and most importantly, genuine things coming out of the work he does for us. Our love for Zen is endless, and he truly is our IRL Dungeon Master. 

We love you all, including all you folks out there who’s names we just haven’t learned yet. Last night was amazing because of all of you. If it wasn’t for all you crazy dancing, singing people, it would have simply been a bunch of silly guys in suits playing to air. 

I’ve gushed enough. Quit Yoloing. Invest in Quality Music.