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We’ve got some fun stuff headed your way.

Feb. 10th-19th we’ll be out on the road visiting the California that we love so much! Check out for details on a venue near you. This little tour will feature some new music, and will be our last tour before we head back into the studio to finish our new album.

Feb. 11th we are premiering our brand new Two Part Music Video at the next Rock Hop in San Jose, which will feature ourselves, Dogcatcher, Briertone, Girl Named T, and Ghost & The City as our jazzy house band. Best part of this show is that we’ll get the chance to share both parts of the video with you! If you’re interested in getting your hands on some physical pre-sale tickets for the show e-mail and we’ll deliver!

Feb. 12th, for you out of town or online people, will be the official release of Part One, which is getting exclusively released online through Live 105.3FM. One week later on Feb. 19th, we’ll be releasing part two!

And after that? Well then we hide away in our cave and work on finishing our album. We’re about halfway done, and then we start tracking songs. For all you curious people out there, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram, as we’ll be posting pictures from the studio quite frequently. You won’t want to miss the madness.

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