Communication Through Rhythms

I’ve been listening to music since as long as I can remember. I’ve always been intrigued with how far you can take instruments but the drums were always the most fascinating to me. I mean with guitar, piano, bass, you can change tuning, there are musical notes being played but with drums you have the same sounds on your pallet so to speak. I was always amazed how drummers could have essentially the same tools fit for so many genres, with simply changing their dynamics and technique.

I remember going on youtube a year or so ago and watching my favourite bands playing live but just through the “drum cam”. It was then I ran into a drummer I now call my favourite drummer, Benny Greb. He blew me away with how he approached drums. It was like it was a completely different instrument to him. He talks about drumming as a way you communicate with people and you’re having a conversation with someone. 


I don’t of any drummer who talks about drums like he does. I find a lot of inspiration in his work. He has a wide range of style. He’s done Jazz to Rock, and lots of experimental music. He released an album compiled of a capella tracks he drummed over.  And he’s such a down to earth guy who doesn’t overplay, and is never too flashy.


I practice a lot of his techniques in hopes that I’d be half as good as him. I mainly wrote this to tell you guys what inspires me and where I stand on drums. So let me know if you’re curious to know, what other influences I may have or just want to pick my brain about drumming. I also give lessons, and remember it’s never too late to learn an instrument, I highly encourage it. 

And with that I leave you with a video of Benny Greb tearing it up.