Copy Paste

After a long night of eating chicken soup, drinking Coca-Cola, and watching Quadrophenia, Art piece #2 for our album is in it’s final mock-up. This means all the collage pieces are placed (but not glued down) so the piece can be carefully scrutinized by our team of Art experts to make sure it’s within the standards of a 2nd grade art class.

My brain is scheming ways to include these art pieces as backer rewards for the Kickstarter. There will be a total of 10 pieces all together, so there will be some sweet options to choose from. I’m also proud to say that we have a guest artist doing a piece for us as well. More info on that later.

And with that I leave you to enjoy life and the rainy days ahead. Check back here at our Tumblr for more updates and photos from the art process.