Craigslist Madness

Hello Hello,

We’ve just finished a wonderful weekend of shows in the socal area, and we are now completely exhausted and heading to Phillippe’s French Dip sandwhiches. Overall the weekend was amazing, and we got  play with amazing bands (not to mention amazing people). We’ll probably have lots of video and goodies to send your way soon, but for the time being, I’d like to share a great review by The Unsignatured Blog.

The weekend started off with our show in San Luis Obispo, which was amazingly fun. We met a lot of really great people, and Grant sprayed the crowd with a torrent of blood from his thumb, which got cut on his guitar. Rock and Roll brother. Last night, we played a fantastic show at Wonder Works, which was put on by the lovely lads in Red Light promotions. Thank you to Josh and Doug!

We also had an amazing time posting fake Craiglist Posts, which can be seen here. Yes, I did get replies:

Something that I would like to address as well, is something that a handful of people asked me this weekend: “So I hear you guys new sound, is just acoustic now?”. Just to clarify, this can’t farther from the truth. We’ve always had more stripped down songs in our repertoire, and this EP is basically that. Don’t worry, we aren’t going Folk people! In fact, we’re currently recording another EP that has full bad instrumentation.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Please Do Not Fight and PK for an amazing show in SLO. Congratulations to The Mighty Fine as well, on their CD release show! Our concert in SLO was a huge blessing, and we had an amazing time hanging out and playing for all you wonderful people. For this little stint of shows, we also took along our good friend Ash Maynor of Ghost and The City, and a big thank you to Ash as well for playing our show last night with us.

We have our CD release show coming up on April 24th, at Bottom of The Hill, w/ Bird by Bird and Please Do Not Fight, so don’t miss out on that!