Digital Tension - Album Recording Dates

Hello all.

The details for our recording sessions are finalized. Sorry for the delay in details. I’d just hate to post something without having this written in stone.

Here it is, all layed out for everyone:

Our album will be titled Digital Tension. We will be tracking the album from May 20th-25th, with some additional finish up dates at the beginning of June. We are aiming for ten tracks, with the potential of some B-sides. To help fund part of the album, we will be launching a Kickstarter in mid April where you can help us to create our next album, and also get some exclusives like handmade art for the album and other special goodies.The album release will be scheduled shortly after.

We are really excited to bring you all new music, and we hope you can all be a part of this creative journey with the band!

-Ryan, Nik, Brian & Daniel