Digital Tension Update #1

The time is now upon us. This week we are getting hardcore in the studio with our producer Aaron Hellam, working on our upcoming album Digital Tension.

Last night we spent the day solidifying new songs. Our goal is to have a ten song album, and I’m proud to say, that out of the eighteen or so songs we’ve whittled our catalog down to, we have five songs finalized. Half the album is done, and we’ll use the rest of the week to decide on the final five songs. The remainder will be packaged up neatly into B-Sides for your listening pleasure. After , we’ll begin recording and soon have a shiny new album for you all.

In the mean time, we’ll be posting updates throughout the week as well as lots of fun pictures for those visual learners out there. If you have any fun album related questions, be sure to ask them here on our tumblr and we’ll respond to the best of our wild ability.

-Ryan, Nik, Brian, & Daniel

P.S. Rumor has it Daniel will be putting together a short ‘documentary’ of our time in the studio. Stay tuned.