End of Tour Part 1


I am really tired. Which explains my late Monday blog post. I really should be doing these every Monday, but I hope you can give me some slack just this once! Tour was tiring!

Well, the first weekend of our “Last Bands On Earth” tour is over! Ya know, the tour where we play all across California with our friends Dogcatcher? That one? Yeah, that one!

We sort of made a blood pact (minus the blood) that we would all take random footage on the road from our Iphones, so that we would have  sort of group film/documentary of the tour. We’re gonna slap some of this stuff together and make little tour videos. The video will do a much better job of showing you what happened. Rumor even has it that Ramon (Dogcatchers drummer), has created a Cat jam for the video that can only be described as a “Meowsterpiece”.

Really, why I wrote this post today is a to get a bit wishy washy for a second.

This last year for Picture Atlantic has been one or our hardest, most challenging years to date, and yet also a year of serious growth, achievement, and overall awesomeness. Releasing Digital Tension, was again, kind of a roll of the dice in many ways. We did something we all loved and believed in, and we had to keep our fingers crossed that people would like it too. There is always a lot of pressure when people say they love one album, and you know most of your albums sound pretty different from one another. Even regardless of that, there is always a lot of pressure to do the best you can and put out quality music. For us, at the end of the day that is what it is truly about: quality music.

But this tour has really blessed the band immensely. I can’t describe the awesome response we have been getting even for these first three days of the tour. To see a crowd of people singing along to your songs from your new album is honestly just more a blessing than anything else. To have your support really means the world to us and I will say this for eternity: your support has gotten us a long, long way, and without your support we would be simply a bunch of dudes practicing in studios and garages. Thank you.

We have had a lot of fun so far with all of you, but also a lot of fun getting to know our friends in Dogcatcher even more. The are such a talented group of guys, and also undeniably awesome and unique individuals. For this tour we shared gear, and a van/trailer to get to gigs, so it left us lots of time to chat with them and get to know them better. These guys are some serious musicians! Their love and knowledge of music is really encouraging and also inspiring, and we’re happy to share the road with them!

We have a couple more weekends of shows coming, so we hope to see you all there. All shows can be found at www.pictureatlantic.com/shows, including details etc.

Stay safe, and warm (yes, it’s crazy cold EVERYWHERE in California)  for February! We will be seeing you shortly!

- Nik, Ryan, Brian, & Daniel