Epic Weekend

Well, the weekend comes to a close.

Already, looking back, it was a great time. Friday, we played Fresno and had a blast, and last night we played Pismo Beach. Both shows with Briertone. This especially made the weekend memorable. I’ve been a massive fan of Briertone since 2007, so in a lot of ways, this is a silly little fanboy dream come true to be able to play with them so much. If you don’t know who they are, check them out. If not, I’m sure you’ll soon find out, as we have more shows booked with them in the near future!

We got to meet a lot of really cool dudes and dudettes this weekend, so if you came out to say hi after our set, thank you! We love meeting new individuals, and it’s always great to chat with anyone at shows. Thankfully a lot of you also signed up for the e-mail list to get the newest issue of the Zine, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing from you again.

Picture Atantic has some exciting stuff coming up. Our music video is being finalized, and should be out very soon. We’re also going to be playing some killer shows in the next month which will be a hoot. Not only that, but we are finalizing demos for the new album and then it’s on to tracking for a couple weeks. If I may say so myself, the demos are sounding great, and I’m excited for everyone to hear the direction we’re taking our songs in.

Much Love,


P.S. If anyone has video footage or photos from these two shows, please don’t be shy to share them with us via Facebook or Twitter :)