Hanging Out With Friends and Escaping Cursed Temples

Hello Everyone! Time for that weekly blog post again.

In my last update, I said I would get out a video of The Wolfpack, our official Picture Atlantic gaming clan, but my video editing program decided to turn evil and do exactly all the things I didn’t need it to do. For the time being, text will suffice.

Very rarely do I give the low down on what the band is up to behind the scenes, and I think that can be fun and good to do from time to time.

Really, all our focus has been going into The Last Bands on Earth Tour, which we are doing with our homies Dogcatcher. But the best part about it, is that Dogcatcher, for the most part, has moved up to San Jose! They live about five minutes from my house, which as Andrew, their singer would say, is “Killer”. It means I get to see a lot more of them, and do fun things like play new board games I bought, with their drummer Ramon, over at their headquarters/house , The Art Farm. I see really great things coming out of that place.

We also have some plans to tackle another track off Digital Tension as a music video. There are rumblings in Gondor, that this will take place at the new Art Boutiki location on Race street in San Jose.

Speaking of Middle Earth, I have been spending a good deal of my personal time re-reading The Silmarillion, which is J.R.R. Tolkiens history of Middle Earth, and the first two ages of it’s existence. If you are excited about reading fictional elvish family trees, like myself, then I’d definitely check it out. You could even call this my “Book Pick of The Month”.

In one cool area of life, our manager Zen is going to be starting a Podcast very soon, and I’ve been asked to be a guest on his first episode, alongside the ultimate Breh, Kevin Sullivan of Rin Tin Tiger, and SF’s very own Debbie Neigher. We’ll be getting together to talk about songwriting and that whole process and chaos. It’s going to be recorded within the next week, so expect that to drop soon.

On a musical front, myself and Daniel started a side project band with our really close friend Michael Montoya. Some of you may know Mikey as the artist who created the cover to our newest album Digital Tension. He is an amazing guy, artist, and tattoo artist based out of the shop Current Tattooing. We’ve christened ourselves June Gloom. It’s Mikey’s brain child truly, and the music is amazing in my opinion. We have a date booked to record in late March. Afterwards we will be releasing an EP. I’ll certainly be sharing that with all of you when it drops.

Otherwise we’re keeping the course, getting ready for touring a lot this year, and working on getting our hands on an in-town practice space so we can flesh out some new songs we’ve been working on. Pretty standard stuff, but it requires we stoke the fires constantly.

That’s all for today’s news update, but we will have more soon (as always!). Much love to all those of you out there who have been subscribing to our youtube channel, and following us on Tumblr! Feels really great to have your support, and we look forward to all the new ears we will reach this year.