February Update

It’s time for me to write something. It’s been way too long since one of my blog posts,and I feel like I actually have some things to share.

We’ve been doing demo sessions with our producer over at Hellam Sound studios in Oakland. This has yielding four hi-quality, official demos, with four more on the way very soon. We’ve already shared the tracks with some friends of the band to see what they think and we’ve had some amazing feed back. We’re excited that people are excited.

Ryan will be traveling for two weeks to visit merry old London town. While he’s there, he has plans to drop demos and CD’s off at some of the labels there. Who knows what that will bring, but at least I can rest easy knowing that Ryan will be doing this for us.

March 27th, we will be releasing our music video for “White Knight”. However, if you want to see the music video on March 21st, then you should be here.

Outside of that, we will be booking random, acoustic, last minute performances all over the bay. Just me, an acoustic guitar, and nothing but all brand new songs. We won’t give any heads up about them, and they will be in small and interesting locations. The only way to find out where they are is to keep up on our twitter and instagram for that: @pictureatlantic for both.

Peace, love, eggnog, happiness, and nice fitting pairs of jeans to you all!