FREE Download of “I Need Some Sleep” cover by The Eels

When you are in a band it’s undeniable that you will make friends with people in other bands, and a lot of time, some fun and sweet collaborations come out of that. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ash Maynor, lead vocalist, and mastermind behind Ghost and The City, for about 6 years now. Pretty much any time Picture Atlantic and Ghost and the City play a show together he will ring me and say “Wanna do something random and last minute with me?” and I will say “Who is this?”. Once he explains who he is , I quickly remember that we are old friends and then Ash and I get down to covering a song, or doing acoustic versions of each others tunes. Basically homie stuff.

This time around though, he suggested we cover “I Need Some Sleep” by The Eels in preparation for our show together on Nov. 30th at Bottom of The Hill in SF. The sounds amazing in my humble opinion. All recorded by ASh.

So please enjoy! You can also download the song for free too, so be sure to do that if you dig it! Thank you to Ash and Ghost and the City! We hope to see you Friday.