Get The Lead Out

You follow us on Tumblr, maybe even Facebook and Twitter, but did you know about ‘Get The Lead Out’ our E-mail Newsletter? It’s been dormant for the last couple of months but it’s on schedule to make a massive return this Thanksgiving when we release a brand new song exclusively to the folks on the list!

Interested? You can sign up here!

This will be the first of many exclusives we’ll be offering through Get The Lead Out in the upcoming months, including free tickets to upcoming gigs and exclusive videos. Everyone once in a while we’ll shoot you an e-mail to tell you about a big important show, a tour or maybe a music video release but we promise to never ever spam you.

So, to recap, click here, sign up for ‘Get The Lead Out’, our e-mail newsletter and then on Thanksgiving get an exclusive link delivered to your e-mail box so that you can download our new song ‘Orbit The Sun’ for absolutely free. Rinse. Repeat.