Hang The DJ

Last night was pretty wild!

We had a super secret screening of our music video for friends, family, and fellow bands at Current Tattooing in San Jose. The night was a fun hangout with drinks, ping-pong, and some very hilarious DJ sets by each of us. Not only that, but afterwards was the super secret mega after-party which included a very racy belly dance by one of us. Not telling who ;) Thanks to everyone who came out!

Belly Dancing

If you want to get your own sneak peek on the video, we’ll be doing an early premiere on Feb. 11th at The Rock Hop @ The Art Boutiki, in downtown San Jose. The video comes in two parts (First part for one song, and then the story continues over into part two, which features a different song), and will officially be released as an exclusive via Live 105 on Feb. 12th. Catch it a day early and hear some great music in the process.

The Rock Hop

We’re really excited to share this video with you all, and we think everyone will dig what we were able to create with the director Paul. Getting a chance to play dress up is always fun too!

And lastly, in this humble little update, we will have issue #3 of our E-zine, Get The Lead Out, available on Feb. 1st! There are some really cool pictures, articles, and a special download for issue #3, so don’t miss out! If you haven’t signed up for the e-zine yet, you can head to www.pictureatlantic.com/mailing-listzine to sign up for your copy. If you’re signed up, you get each issue a week earlier than everyone else, so join the club and get exclusive.

Thank you to all of you, and we hope to see you all at our upcoming gigs!

-Nik, Ryan, Daniel, & Brian