Help write our August 31 set list - vote for your favorite Kleos songs

People of the Earth,

Kleos, our first full length record, was released five years ago. I was surprised to learn how many people still enjoy the album and also surprised to learn that many of our newer fans weren’t familiar with it.

We would like to reintroduce the album and perform a Kleos-heavy set for our August 31st show at Great American Music Hall and we need your help to decide on which songs to play.

Vote for your favorite Kleos tracks (up to three) in this poll and we will play the top choices at the show. We’re already going to play “Muses” and “Cassandra Castaway,” so those two are freebies.

You can also help us out by sharing this poll with your friends and other Picture Atlantic fans.

Thank you for your help! -RB