Helping the KDVS Radio Fundraiser

Nik on a musical journey in the KDVS record player room with Zuha of KDVS.

People of the Earth,

KDVS is an incredible college station at UC Davis that does an insane amount of work to bring a diverse selection of music to students and the surrounding community. This week, the station is fundraising money needed to help continue their great programming. 

Specifically for today, our friend Zuha of KDVS will be hosting her fundraising show tonight between 9 and 10pm. 

"My goal is raise a minimum of $100 to help reach the station’s main goal of $60,000," she explained. "This is a major part of our operating budget."

For those of you on Facebook, check out Zuha’s fundraiser show event page and the general KDVS event page 

You can help Zuha and KDVS just by sharing the event pages, but if you’ve got money to spend, the station is offering cool rewards as thank you’d for donations! 

Thank you for your help!