I would Recomend it

I recently got the chance to go see Watchmen with some friends.

I had read the comic a ways back, and maybe a week ago, got to be stuck at a Barnes and Noble, so I started reading it again to brush up on my super heroes.

I’m not in the mood to write a full review, but I think I would definitely recomend it. They definitely pushed some of the sex and violence WAY over the top i.e. crazy broken limbs, and sex scenes so steamy, I expected to see Ron Jeremy in the credits. I did like it, and I might be ashamed to say, that its the first good movie I payed money for since The Dark Knight, and unless they come out with something equally amazing this year, I’m going to vote for Watchmen as Nik’s Film of The Year.

I think if there is one rant to be said, its that parents are stupid, and bring their 5 year old kids to the worst movies ever. I guess R ratings aren’t enough anymore. If I had seen this movie at the age of 5, I would be a current member of the Acacia Strain.

Alright, well, hope you’re all well, and don’t forget we’re going to be playing on March 28th @ The Venue for Pericardium’s CD Release.