I’m sort of springboarding off my earlier post about our Mod fashion.

A fancy photographer by the name of Dean Chalkley did a little documentary and photo shoot about a group of Mods from London which he entitled “New Faces”. For some strange reason I finally JUST saw the documentary, and have to say I like it a lot. Like..a lot. Really dig a lot of the stuff they talk about in the interview and it’s really interesting to hear other people describe how they view Modernism, and their experiences with it. Makes me realize how vast and different it all really is.

When I first saw the photos for this shoot, I was instantly blown away by how sharp these guys are. Really sharp. Definitely gives me ideas.

I do have to give credit where credit is due. Found the link to this video through the Mod Male blog (www.mod-male.blogspot.com) which is run by another sharp dressed man by the name of Carlos. Definitely check him out. He is a bay area cat and it’s always good to rep the bay.