I’ve lived in Santa Clara for a long time now. Almost 8 or 9 years. I’ve had a lot of really great memories here. Santa Clara is such a tiny city to me, but it doesn’t lack a little magic now and then.

I remember walking the streets at night with my friends when were 14, feeling even older being out on the weekends past 1am. In reality we didn’t really do anything but roam the streets and buy energy drinks from 7-11. We saw a lot of really bizarre, and also beautiful things out there, on the very empty, gray streets.

I remember, and still enjoy, watching the rain in the winter time, from my bedroom window, while I read a book or just sat and thought. When the sun did finally peak through, it hit the many, empty, blue bottles I had arranged on the edge of the window.

People grow older, and get tired of the places they grew up in. They move to larger cities, with faster cars, and louder clubs. I feel lucky though to grow up in such a charming, quiet little place. Suites me just fine.

This is the song ‘Santa Clara’, by The National. They played here, before I even knew who they were, in 2001, at a dump sports bar off of El Camino.Before they were doing compilation albums with Feist and Radiohead. Before they played the Outside Lands Festival, or headlined their own national tours. Somehow, I’d like to think that he wrote the song about this city. It sure feels like he did. Enjoy.