We received an excellent question on twitter regarding the name of the last song on our album Digital Tension. The name of the song is Meme. The twitter user @dalloffweekes asked us:

"How come the title of one of your songs is ‘Meme’?"

Twitter was too confining, even to give a small answer, so I brought this to Tumblr.

The song deals with some aspects of the culture and nightlife of our generation. Excessive drinking. Regretful sexual activity on a consistent basis. The name of the song has a double meaning. This kind of behavior comes off to me as being selfish in some cases, but is also a signature of our generation in many ways. We’ve been called the “Me Me Me” generation by some, because of the entitled feeling some say we have (and in a lot of ways I would agree with that statement). It’s also meant to be read not necessarily as “me me” but as meme. 

Everyone knows memes! Nyan Cat, The Grape Lady, billions of videos with puppies or kittens. Memes are videos, jokes, or pictures that get insanely popular and viral, and then become a part of the rich fabric, history, and culture of the internet. But the nature of the meme is that of the fly. It lives a quick, used up life, and then passes on.They are insanely popular, entertaining us with some inside joke or hilarious concept, and then we grow tired of them quickly, and move on to the next one. Our appetite for memes is pretty immense, and we don’t stick with one for very long by principle. When I see people getting wasted, high, or sleeping with a new person every night, that screams “meme!” to me. Some of us are just looking for that new meme in our life.

Hope that explains it! If anyone out there in internet land has a question they want answered, feel free to message us here on Tumblr, or contact us on twitter, and I’ll be happy to give you some semblance of an answer!