My roots in music are definitely from a Folk background. As a kid I can remember spending weekends in Yosemite for the Strawberry Bluegrass festival and being floored by the skill, and craft that the musicians brought every year. Even though I have a love for many different artists and bands, something about the basic simplicity and honesty about Folk, and the history behind it still resonates in my heart. One of my favorite Folk artists, Fionn Regan, wrote a song which to me, is probably one of the most beautiful and engulfing songs that I’ve had the luck to hear. The lyrics are vague, but it is one of those rare songs where I still feel I understand what he is saying.

With the help of my friend Aaron Blumenshine, I was able to do a quick cover video of “Snowy Atlas Mountains” by Fionn Regan.So for the underdog, for the downtrodden, for the pariahs, for the humble, for the meek,  and for the rag and bone man, I’d like to dedicate this video to the civilians in the West Bank right now, and to my friend Luna, and her family there. I miss you, and I hope you’re safe.