New Music Coming Soon

We’re working hard to fill the musical void left by Hootie’s hiatus 

People of the Earth,

I am excited to say that the band has been working on a lot of new music over the last month. We are still very much in the first stage of this batch of songs, but this can often be the best part of the process. While we have tentative plans for a future release, I enjoy the uncertainty of these new songs; having no real idea what our next album will sound like is something almost magical to me.

The writing, demoing and recording process for each of our records have all been distinctly unique from each other and whatever our next release may be will have its own story, too. 

What I can say of whatever will become our next major release is that Picture Atlantic are committed to the following things:

  1. Progressing our sound: We have never wanted to replicate ourselves  on our releases. The only way for us as a band and individuals to truly please ourselves and you, the fans, is to continue changing our sound. As much as we may sometimes hope our favorite bands’ new albums sound just like their last great release, this is really doing nothing but cheating the bands and the fans out of potentially better music. 
  2. Retaining what makes Picture Atlantic the band we are: On the other hand, we aren’t going to turn into a homogenized, vaguely “R&B” group, changing all of what PA is at our core, in order to claim this is progress. There are aspects of our music that are essential to making our band what we are. We believe we know what these aspects are and we will always have something there to connect you from one release to the next.
  3. Improving our production: Just as we are going to retain our core elements while moving in to new territory, we are going to do the same with how the album is produced, mixed and recorded. 
  4. Making YOU a part of the process: The final key subject of our next major release is that we are going to actively work toward making fans a larger part of this process. More behind the scenes, more sneak peaks, more audio, video and photos. Most importantly, more engagement with you during the process. 

I’ve attempted to keep this post as informative yet vague as possible because I can’t announce a concrete timeline on our next release, but I hope it does help you all understand where we are in the process.

A related plug: We will be playing three new songs tonight at our show with Finish Ticket and Sentinel at Red House in Walnut Creek. 8:30pm show time. You can click this line for more information.

See you on the other side.