Noisy-Pop 2009

Well hello everyone out there. Just some quick updates.

We got back into the Bay Area yesterday morning, and hung around a bit. We got to have lunch with our Lawyer, Dave, who is probably the coolest lawyer I know. He introduced us to some of the ASCAP people, Jen and Josh, and we talked about signing up for ASCAP and ordering Showtime from Comcast.

Later that night we played Bender’s Bar and Grill for Noise Pop 2009 (Picture Above). The place was pretty packed out, and we got to play with Man/Miracle, and Scissors For Lefty. Very nice guys. A big thank you to Elise Nordling from SomaFM for letting us play. Rico and I did a short interview outside for the SomaFM radio segment, Indie Pop Rocks. Rico did a good job. I think I just sounded like a fool. Such is life.

Now we’re just back at Brian’s house, waiting to leave. Brian wants to go to Berkeley early to Busk around the town. I’m terrified I’ll get stabbed by an angry PETA member.

Enough of my scattered ramblings. Hopefully we can see you all here ( tonight, for our show with Please Do Not Fight and Chandeliers.

See you soon