Oh The Irony!

Well hello everyone,

I haven’t written a genuine update in a while now. I thought I’d let the thoughts spill onto the page.

As always, we have been mighty busy. Between playing shows, writing new music, and making a Zine, I’d say we are pretty jam packed. It’s funny how on paper that looks so easy to manage. Touche life. We have some good shows coming up, and we’ve played some amazing shows thus far. Really excited to re-visit a lot of the place we haven’t been to in a while.

Lately I’ve been battling a horrible beast of a sleep schedule, which I’m sad to say I inflicted upon myself. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, you’re watching footage from the 60’s of Mods fighting Rockers in Brighton, and it’s suddently 8:30am. Ouch. Well, I can assure you I’m getting my sleep schedule in line. It will be hard, but it must be done.

Brian is diligently creating the worlds greatest Minecraft server, complete with an Economy and jail for the criminal element on the server. From what I can gather he is also revolutionizing the world of Data Call Centers by writing programs to make them %10 more efficient. If you think I’m joking, I am serious.

Ryan has been playing a ballers life of Business classes, Podcasts, Google Parties, fine clothes, fine women, and finer cigars. What can I say, he is truly the Alex James of our generation. That would make me Dave Rowntree I think. Speaking of the Podcast, Ryan and some friends created a hilarious podcast called “The GS Podcast” which you can find on all the respective social media sites. Really funny stuff. I can only see it getting better and better.

And lastly, before I leave, I have to plug at least a couple show. March 25th we are playing SNOB THEATER up in SF w/ Debbie Neigher. Its a great showcase for local talent. Lots of well known comedians have come through, and some great local musicians have played in the past. And then, for our lovely SJ, we are coming back April 8th to play a killer show at The Art Boutiki with Finish Ticket, Bell Thieves, Beta State, and last but not least, the amazing From Indian Lakes. As always you can get the info from www.pictureatlantic.com/shows

Be well everyone, and stay warm until it gets warm,