Ok, no more fliers..

Instead, I will write about something actually worthwhile, band-wise.

Today, we headed into our practice studio, at around 4pm and recorded new demos until about 7:30. We did 12 songs we think are really good, and for the most part, pretty much finished. Thats not even half the songs we have to work on either!

It feels good though, to accomplish it. Just have to overdub vocals in tonight. They actually sound really awesome for room recordings. We can thank the magic of Brian for that. We’re in the demo process right now, and working with some people to maybe do some recording. Single? EP? New full length? We’re not entirely sure. I still have some good faith in touring and promoting with Kleos, so maybe now isn’t just the right time to really hit the writing board. Ryan reckons we have about 40-45 songs all together. Mind you, these are also some songs that are about a year + old, so we’re not exactly that prolific. We just like to give our songs time to age, like musical wine. Its also kind of funny, to look back in retrospect on the things we wrote, and decide they aren’t working.

We’re also still waiting on various people about future plans, so we’ll keep you all updated on that when the time arrives. Its good news, we just, due to the fact we may look like idiots, can’t tell you just yet.

We have been spending a good amount of the day playing Settlers of Catan, and Starfarers of Catan. If you don’t know what that is, check it out. Sweet little German boardgame. Wake up, board games, maybe a white russian, another board game, then practice. Life is bizarre right now.

Keep well everyone, and we will, in time, fill you in on more Picture Atlantic things.