Photos from Canadians

So while on tour, we headed to the Space Needle in Seattle. Our show that day had been cancelled, so we headed off to try and make up for lost time.

We found a community center/mall that had a highschool in it. Don’t ask. We befriended some of the kids getting out of school, and they suggested that we go to the bus station just outside, and play to some of the kids. It was a good idea. We sold a CD and made some fans ( I think). The pictures below are from Kane Hopkins, a photographer who was visiting from Canada with some friend. He is an amazing photographer I might add. The fellow in the pictures is named Tallon, and we met him in the public cafeteria in the community center. He had his guitar with him, so I started jamming some songs out in front, and he joined in. Great guy. He also writes some good songs as well.