Picture Atlantic - Album 3 - 2014

This is probably not what recording will look like.

Hello citizens,

This is RB, here with a brief announcement:

We are officially beginning work on our next recording - our third album (henceforth known as Album 3) - and I couldn’t be more excited.

The band and Zen discussed the album over dinner and drinks at Tied House last night and here are some of the super secret points we went over:

  1. Picture Atlantic will be working with Aaron Hellam, the unofficial 5th member of the band for the sixth time, as our producer and engineer. We are meeting with him this month to discuss the album in greater detail - expect some candid/terrible pictures
  2. We have big plans for the album’s release and will be funding it via a number of sources - yes, one of them will be via crowdfunding - but we will be 100% transparent with you and seek your feedback to make it worthwhile for you as our fans and supporters
  3. The album does not currently have a theme or genre adherence. We are going to approach the process with the goal being to write, produce and record our best album yet. A theme will most likely emerge during the process and whatever happens will be influenced by the music
  4. There will be a lot more behind-the-scenes footage and interaction than we’ve ever done before. We will be documenting the entire process for your viewing pleasure/dismay
  5. The stuff that doesn’t make the cut will be available in some way or another. We always end up with extra material that rarely sees the light of day, but this time you’ll be able to hear it
  6. The album will be released when it’s ready and we’ve made good on the plans for the release itself. I’m a daydreamer, so I already have my own secret, ideal release date, but we aren’t going to rush anything this time around. But it will come out in 2014.

If I say any more, Zen will make us work with Bono and the vaguely “Euro” villain from a 90s movie, so I must stop here.

With love,