Picture Atlantic covers from our amazing fans

A couple of weeks ago we put up tabs for our songs ‘Melting’ and ‘Joust’ along with a general call out to our fans to cover our songs. Amazingly some them have already delivered!

Below you can see two YouTube videos, one of Luke performing ‘Halogen Lights’ and one of Jackson performing ‘Joust’. On top of that Albert Yeh has done a phenomenal job covering our songs ‘Antiques Unltd’ and ‘Open Garden’ and put up his own efforts through Soundcloud.

It’s an amazing honor to have our fans take the time out of their lives to cover our songs and put their own twist on them. Believe me when I say it really means the world to us.

We hope to release more tabs in the future but, for now, if you’re interested go and check out what we’ve got on our website. Should you cook up your own version of any of our songs, please share them with us!

For now, enjoy the work of these very talented and kind hearted folks.