Picture Atlantic Song Meanings - Turn It To Wine

Listen - Turn It To Wine by Picture Atlantic

“Please Me!”
That’s what I’m really saying when times I ask of you
I’m made a jaded critic by spastic hands and feet
Cheap grace
We sleep walk through this kingdom, we’ve ruined everything

But you turn everything to wine
You turn it to wine

Rich men,
They preach a shallow doctrine of foul prosperity
On marriage definitions, yet you rebuke the poor!
We turned our greatest elders into bland CEOs

But you turn everything to wine
You turn it to wine

"I’ve often heard a quote, that goes ‘The Church is a whore, but she is our mother.’ It’s an idea, as a Christian that I identify with immensely. Sometimes, the institution of American Christianity really makes me sick. Other times though, I see such immense good and passion come out of the Church. The song is using Jesus’ miracle of turning water into wine (his first miracle I might add) as an example of how even though the church is so broken, and heartbreaking many times (I blame the fact that people are involved. Like Basil Fawlty said ‘I could run this hotel properly if it weren’t for all the guests!’) he still ‘turns it to wine.’ He takes boring water and makes it something more. The church gets a terrible rap in this country, and around the world (rightly so in many cases), yet I’ve personally witnessed so much good done in the name of Jesus, and the church.I think that counts immensely for something. Whether it’s family friends who are running an orphanage in St. Petersburg, Russia, or programs that help children get an education through sponsoring. Despite all our brokenness and humanity, by God’s grace, we can still be turned to wine." -Nik