Poetry For A Poet

The artwork for Digital Tension was a series of collage pieces inspired by our current times. I originally had the idea for collage, because of a very close friend of mine. His name is Dave Maddalena, and amongst other things, he is an artist, thinker, and poet.

He recently published a book called Low Tech Writer, a collection of short essays on the Silicon Valley, which you can purchase on Lulu Publishing. Please do.

Even cooler though, is his handbound poetry book project. For $20, you get a handbound, one of kind, book of poetry, written and made by Dave. I bought one, and I have to say it is hands down the coolest personalized anything I’ve ever bought. Each book cover is imprinted with a stamp made from a hand carved woodblock print by Dave’s wifes grandfather, and Greek artist, Spirou Vasilou (who coincidentally also did a piece of art which we chose for the cover of our album Dulce Et Decorum Est.) Take a look at some of his poetry, and if you like what you see, support him with a purchase.