Portland We Hardly Knew Ye

We’re in Portland right now, staying with Brian’s cousin, Dan, who is an amazingly interesting guy. Dan and I talked about music for a while in his kitchen. Patrick dressed in sketchy clothes, and pretended to break into the van while Ryan was sleeping in the back. We’re taking turns sleeping in the van, on guard duty, and it just happened to be Ryan’s night.

So our Portland show got cancelled tomorrow. Due to bands dropping off, the two remaining bands (Ourselves and Monarch) pretty much came to the conclusion that the show happening might actually be bad for some people (namely ourselves and Monarch), so the promoter dropped it due to there being no bands. Kind of a bummer, since we really would have liked to play Portland.

We did spend a good amount of time in Seattle though, which you can hear about, below in our Audio post. People in Seattle are really mean though! We busked around later on in the evening, and not even one penny was thrown into my lowly guitar case. We were also denied using the bathroom at 4 different restaurants! O the Agony! In all reality though, the place was very interesting, and we walked around the University of Washington for a while, which is a truly beautiful campus. Brian used to go to school there, and he took us on a little tour of the quads.

We’ll be seeing you all in two days at Noisepop 2009, in San Fransisco, held at Benders Bar.

Much love to you all, and I hope we can see some of you out on tour!