RB's Album 3 update


"We’re the best band in the world. Picture Atlantic? Well they’re shite, aren’t they?" - Noel Gallagher

People of the Earth,

This is a quick update on the new album sessions:

  1. We’ve done proper demos of 4 tracks, 3 of which will most likely be on the album and 1 that may be released separately, beforehand. All of these songs have been played live in some form, so if you were there, begin speculating!
  2. This week we’ll decide on the next batch of songs to move forward and demo. We are at 8 songs that are about ready for this process
  3. There are 4 other “songs” that we are really into, but haven’t developed enough yet. I definitely think one in particular will evolve and make it onto the album
  4. We have 1000 more ideas to sort through but we have decided to slow things down a bit and focus on quality and developing fewer songs vs. quantity 

We’re going to begin adding some of these new songs to our set lists in the coming months, so don’t be shy - tell us what you think of them after the show.

More updates to come!

With love,