Well hello folks. I thought I would post a nice update concerning our song Regina.

Today I was made aware of a very angry FB comment on our wall, essentially in parts, accusing us of a racism for the lyrical content of our first single Regina.

I think you probably know this already, but in no way is the song promoting Racism, and certainly is about racial matters, but is promoting what I perceive to be a positive message that I would hope makes you ponder the racial issues in this country, and for you other white folks, how you are using the very blatant white privilege that we are given in this country.

This may just seem like net-drama, but it’s something I take seriously, and since it evoked this kind of reaction in someone, I wanted to take the chance and address it in general, and also rep the person that influenced me to write the song.

Professor Joy Degruy did a series of lectures that I was lucky enough to hear on the radio, and it blew my mind. She has a lot of amazing things to say about the racial climate between Whites and African Americans in this country right now. If you are curious to see what she has to say you can check out her website here:



P.S. It probably doesn’t help that we have a song called ‘White Knight’ either, but I guarantee it’s not what you think it’s about :)