Right now we are on the road!

Feels good to be back traveling around, let me tell you. And thus far it has been incredibly eventful in the most quaint way possible. We left Tuesday to play a set in Sparks, NV (the lovely sister city to Reno) with A B & The Sea, and Young Science. Besides the night being incredibly muggy and hot, both bands played amazing sets and there was certainly some dancing to be had. If you haven’t checked out both those bands, please go do so now. Sadly we weren’t able to be joined by our keyboardist Brian for this set, as he was feeling a bit too sick to come on this leg of the journey. His presence was missed. Without him, it wasn’t the same playing Mailbox Baseball with a cricket bat.

I would also like to say that the Karma Justice System works. While driving out of Reno to find some truck stop or other den of salty people to sleep at, we were almost rammed into by a drunk driver. But low and behold, much like peaceful protests, the police were there in thirty seconds flat to shut it down. Quite literally the second after this fellow almost hit us, the peaceful blue and red lights of Justice were quick behind him and we all cheered as the cops pulled him over. 

After waking up and getting ready to jam on the road, we spent a little bit of time getting to see some of the insanely beautiful forests and state parks in Nevada. The drive was pretty arduous, since we had to go carefully on the mountain roads due to our large trailer. But thankfully we stopped by the side of the road and took a swim in a beautiful little lake we found on the way. I don’t think I have ever been more cold in my life, but somehow it was refreshing. I was seriously waiting for Irish bagpipes to start, and a waterfall to appear so some redheaded chick could tell us the wonders of Irish Spring soap. 

Our destination was Oakhurst, since we are playing there later tonight, and the drive there was kind of a mind bender for me. It made me realize how much of California is still wilderness and nature. We have this idea of CA being about Hollywood, and the Golden Gate, but let me tell you, there are hidden nooks and crannies. Some of my favorite cities were (and I kid you not) Chinese Camp, and a place called Coulter I think, that had a population of 9. Apparently some insane fire happened, and it looked like firefighters were being called in from pretty much every surrounding county. We saw continuous fire trucks driving the way we came, for about 40miles! Also saw what looked like a black mushroom cloud in the distance behind us. Makes me think how different my quiet life in Santa Clara is.

Last night, we also got a wonderful tour of Oakhurst by Justin and Rick of From Indian Lakes. Not only did we do something so secret and covert that just by mentioning it on this blog Rick’s family will be killed by Ninja’s, we also got to take the “Mega Jump” in Justin’s car while listening to August Burns Red. Ammmeerriiicaaa!!!

That concludes our little tour blurb. But thank you to all of you out there, and we will see you soon , either tonight in Oakhurst or on the 10th at Bottlerockit Festival, where we will be rocking again with the lads from Young Science and A B & The Sea. 

Much love to you all!