Rockage 3.0 & Beyond

This last weekend, Picture Atlantic was asked to be a part of San Jose’s ‘Rockage 3.0’ music and video game festival. Rockage has been going on for about three years now (hence the 3.0) at San Jose State’s student union, and we were really excited to be invited this time around. Video games are a big thing in our band, and we spend a lot of time playing them, talking about them, and even writing music for them (more on that later). For three days, we had a booth where we hosted video games for people to play, as well as performed a set on Saturday, which also included some brand new songs from our upcoming album. We met some great people while we were there, and we will miss you until next time!

Regardless, I just wanted to share some of the fun pictures that were taken for that weekend. It was a blast all around, and was an immense amount of fun. A big thanks to Curious Quail, Cartoon Barfight, Ramon of Dogcatcher, Michael Toy, Mikey Montoya of Current Tattooing, Gnarboots (for cheering on Brian while he played Robotron), and Eric Fanali for putting on the Rockage festival. See you next year nerds!

Daniel getting ready for our set.

Ramon of Dogcatcher hanging out with Spidey!

Cartoon Violence playing their set. Shiba-Inu looks on approvingly.

Our live guitarist, and Cold Eskimo member, Gay Bladen, giving the thumbs up as he engages in another heated Mario Kart race with Michael Toy! Brian looks back in passion, as he thinks he catches a glimpse of his old lover, Sade.

I can’t remember this gentleman’s name, but he was amazing. And yes, that is an 11 string bass!

Our fellow San Jose rockonians, Curious Quail tearing it up!

Tyler Shaw, the winner of our raffle! He won a standee for the game Final Fantasy 14, an online game which the band has been quite passionate about.

There was an amazing woman at the festival who made full on costumes out of balloons! She did a Link and Chocobo costume! Not featured, an awesome Bowser costume.

We went to local restaurants to get our parking validated. One afternoon Brian got “The Big Tuna” sandwhich. It was as brutally epic as you would think.

Daniel playing some sick Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Don’t worry, he later got wise and put on a helmet while he played the game.