So, we are not OFFICIALLY certain that this is what happened, but we have made a decent guess: 

You may have been asking yourself “Didn’t Picture Atlantic release a new music video recently?” The answer is “Yes! We did!”. We were very proud of it too. Sadly though, Youtube took the video down because they claim we violated part of the posting agreement, which states that you cannot pay for views for your videos. Naturally, we would never, ever do such a thing, and in fact we’ve posted articles in the past about how paying for likes, or views, can severely damage your organic reach on social media. 

We think that some well intentioned (but misguided) individual payed for views, thinking they were helping us out. In the end it ended up hurting us pretty badly. A lot of time and prep was spent reaching out to blogs, press, and local music peeps so that when we released the video, it would appear on websites and blogs the day of the release. Sadly, that work has been undone, because we’ve had to put up a new copy of the video to youtube, meaning the old link is dead. So what we would ask, all you lovely, supportive fans, to do, is to re-post, like, and view the video (this time with organic views!!). Media is a big thing in the music world today (it’s not the most important thing: Music fills that spot) and it’s always nice to have some reach with our videos. Thank you to everyone who has helped thus far and shared the video already or watched it!