Some Exciting Happenings

Very Excited for this new album. I’ll probably say that a bunch more in the next month.

The weeks have been long, but we’ve been having a good time, getting ready for this new release. The crazy thing is we’re working on another album at the same time, which seems to suck up the hours. We got some cool stuff in the works at the mean time.

Picture Atlantic is excited to be Myspace’s featured “New Around Here” band. Expect an interview and feature by next Tuesday. Very grateful to Dan and all the people at Myspace for that. Should be fun :)

Tonight myself, Ash & Justin of Ghost and The City, and our very own Ryan Blair will be filming a video with an acoustic version of one of our new and upcoming songs from “When Everything is Numbers”. We’ll also be doing an acoustic version of a Ghost and The City song, which I’m thrilled to be a part of. Those videos will be up soon

While we wait for all this fun stuff to come to fruition , be safe, and be sure to watch tons of AMC. Much love to you all,