It’s not every day that you get to partner with a fun, upbeat company. And having our music in a Vapur bottle video is really cool for us. Today is the official launch of their Quenchers line of “anti-bottles”, and it’s a pleasure to be involved even if it’s just musically in the form of our song “Silly Tie”. Anytime kids can do Ninja kicks on trampolines to our music I am happy.

But on a serious note, Vapur is a doing some cool stuff. Not only are they making some really cool hip looking water bottles, but they have a really good cause and intent with how and why they make water bottles (which is really why we agreed to be musically present in their videos). As their creative director Frez said to me, “We are an independent brand and operate similar to an independent band (just 1 letter difference)”. Personally, I like this. Even in a fast paced world where small companies make big moves, it’s hard to find that attitude in the corporate world.

So with that, be sure to check out www.vapur.us for more info, and please trampoline responsibly.