T'ank You

Well people, I want to say a sincere thank you to everyone who showed up to our Redhouse show in Walnut Creek. We had a total blast, and we were really blessed by all the bands there, and all the cool people we got to chat with afterwards.

It’d been a while since we played Walnut Creek/Concord, so the having such a warm turn out really made our night.

We’ve got some cool things up and coming this month. I’m collaborating with our friend Paul Aspuria (who did the Cassandra Castaway and Guerrilla music videos) on a new video, which for the moment will be kept secret. We’ll be filming some days this month for that, so don’t be surprised if I put out the word for extras in the video.

Heading out to practice now! We’ve been jamming on some new songs (and practicing some old), which I’m feeling are turning out really well. I can definitely say there are some songs in there that are kind of a new turn for us. Who knows though, maybe we will be the next big Nu-Metal group by the end of our Pre-production session.