The Breakdown (Not by Hatebreed)

Well hello out there,

If anyone has been paying attention to our myspace, or any other music related website, you may have noticed that some of our tour shows got cancelled, along with a handful of shows disapearing completely.

I have here, a small explanation for all the madness, and some hopes for the future.

Basically the downhill started up in San Diego. We were set to play The Radio Room, which is somewhere near Hillcrest, for anyone that knows about that area. Two days prior, in Fresno, I got violently ill after we played. I managed to get through the set, but I had horrible aches and pains, fever, soar throat, and pretty much everything else that comes with a flu. I powned myself with vitamins, and gargled with Salt Water, and Apple Cider Vinegar, and fell asleep. It was a pretty crappy night, but I awoke, and I felt way better.Later that day, we played Bakersfield, and my voice held up. We played, and it wasn’t our best, but we got through it, and I got some nice comments on my voice, so I assumed that I was in the clear. Well later the next day, we played in SD, and slowly through out the day, my voice got worse and worse. My throat started getting achey, and I couldn’t sing. The set that night was probably the most horrible set I have ever played.

I could only sing in Falsetto, and I had to use all my focus to play, and pretty much just stand there. Later that night we had a band talk, and decided to stay at Rico’s uncle’s house, and if I didn’t get better, we would cancel our LA show, and our Fullerton show, which was basically the last two shows of the CA tour.

Well, lo and behold, I woke up and I felt really bad still, so we cancelled them. The rest of the time there was good though. Rico’s uncle works as a sheriff for the county, and he pretty much spends all day tracking down people who have warrents for their arrest. Thats probably one of the most exetreme jobs I can think of having in a police department. You’re basically a bounty hunter for the county, and I can imagine that a lot of those guys will do anything to get away. Later that night we watched “Fool’s Gold”, which is my opinion probably one of the worst movies ever, but along with awesome home made tacos, it was alright.

We moved from San Diego to stay with Ryan’s Grandma for a while. She was the ultimate Mexican Grandma and took care of all of us. She definitely made sure I was wearing a jacket, and socks, and made sure that I put the British Tea Company into retirement.

We did get to visit our Manager, Jake, as he just got back from Australia. He took us out to dinner, and while were there we saw Ceelo, from Gnarles Barkeley. Pretty interesting actually. He looked exactly the same.Except no goofy costume. We did find out though, over dinner, that more of our Texas shows got cancelled, so we decided to just cancel the rest of the tour. It sucked, but it made sense. All the possible shows we had going out there, died on us, and going out there for three shows didn’t appeal to us at this point.

It was kind of a bummer, but we sat down, and decided that we’re going to do another Westcoast tour as soon as we possibly can. We’re going to head back up to Orgeon, and Washington, and then hit up the places in CA that we had to cancel on. To speak honestly, this tour so far has been one sick bummer, BUT, we’re extremely hopeful for the very near future, and it was a good learning experience. Otherwise, we’ll see all our San Jose friends on March 28th for the Pericardium CD Release show, and on April 10th, with Headlights.

We’ll be uploading pictures very, very soon, and there may be some more audio clips that we’ll put up.

Thanks to all the family, and friends that put us up in their homes, and a thank you to all the people on the tour who helped us along the way. Also a thank you to Chandeliers, for driving all the way out from texas to do this tour, and for playing, even though we had to cancel our shows.

See you all soon, and I hope you can make it out to a show!