The International

Another week is at an end (kind of), and so much has been done.

Brian is out of town, touring (this next part is not made up) China with a friend, and giving Bass clinics to young chinese musicians. Patrick is making a humongous 100 Mile trek across the Sierras with a friend. They will be backpacking, and living as rugged mountain men. When Patrick gets back, I’ll poke him with a sharp stick to write about his adventures.

We played an amazing show last night in Martinez, which was a total blast. We went acoustic, due to the missing members, and it was extremely fun regardless. Grant and I on guitars, and Ryan on Bass. Also met up with our good friends Hazel and Vine, who put on an amazing performance. Thank you to Creekside Church for hosting the show.

Tonight, I got to see the amazing group known as Sister Crayon for the second time. Our good friend Nicholas is drumming for them, and they are solid as a rock. Much more solid than Chevy trucks. Please, if you get the chance, go listen to their music -

And lastly, we’ll be recording again when everyone gets back from traveling the world, and also start to put down some details for the Pre-order of our EP. Oh…did I not mention that? Yes, this will be the first time that you will be able to pre-order any of our releases. I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, but if you pre-order it, you really get hooked up with goodies, plus, you get the EP three days before release. Lucky you.

In all things be blessed, and have a great week!