The Last Rock Show - We bid farewell to the old Art Boutiki on March 16

Sean E. of Rin Tin Tiger while performing as one of the famous  SULLYZ, circa late 2010

I’m honored to say we’ll be performing at the last ever Art Boutiki show on March 16. Before you cry yourself to sleep this afternoon, know that SLG is relocating to a new building right next to Current Tattooing on Race St. But while the Art Boutiki will return, better than ever, the memories made in that fated building will remain just as they were.

The first time I attended a show at the Art Boutiki was in late 2010. Sean E. and Kev P., now known for being the notorious siblings of SF’s quality music group Rin Tin Tiger, were doing a set of hip-hop songs as the SullyZ.

I was immediately impressed with both the ultra inclusive nature of the place as well as the record wall, which I still end up staring at while on stage to this day. If you’ve ever been to the Art Boutiki, you’ll know what a distinct vibe the place has. I regret never filming part of my 90s teen comedy there.

So come join us and celebrate and thank Dan and the rest of the staff for being so cool to local bands. Maybe dump gatorade on him like those one of those poor football coaches.


For all the official details, this Facebook link will do you no wrong:

If you’re not inclined to click:

The lineup is Picture Atlantic, Bent Knee, Little Red Lung, Rin Tin Tiger & Zen Zenith (doing a super secret emo world premiere.)

$10 at the door. 7:00pm. All ages.

Kev P. taking a chill pill and rapping about ya boi, Honest Abe